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Welcome to Cory in the House Wiki! This website is a fan made wikia based on the Disney Channel spin-off (from That's So Raven) show, Cory in the house. This is a fan made wikia so it means everyone and anyone is able to add!

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Cory in the House is about Cory Baxter, his friends, Newt Livingston & Meena Paroom, Cory's dad, and White House chef, Victor Baxter, the President of the United States, President Richard Martinez, and his young daughter Sophie Martinez.

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"Ain't Miss Bahavian" is the 2nd episode of the first season of "Cory in the House." When Meena's father, the ambassador of Bahavia, finds out she hasn't been following traditional Bahavian ways, he decides that Meena can never see or talk to Cory and Newt again. Cory tries to let the ambassador see how much he respects Bahavian culture. Meanwhile, Victor & Samantha try to get Sophie to eat other foods, such as vegetables, and not just French Fries.

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Did You Know...
  • ...that Cory in the House was a spin off of "That's So Raven"?
  • ...that both Kyle Massey and Rondell Sheridan was in the original and spin off?
  • ...that John D'Aquino appeared in "Shake It Up!"?
  • ...that Madison Pettis vocies Adyson Sweetwater in  "Phineas and Ferb"?
  • ...that Jason Dolley went on to be PJ Duncan in "Good Luck Charlie"?
  • ...that Kyle Massey vocies Milo in "Fish Hooks"?
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