Jason Stickler is played by Jake Thomas.

Info on Jason SticklerEdit

Jason Stickler nicknamed "Stickman" attends Washington Prep with the characters and is the rival of Cory Baxter. He is also one of Cory, Newt, and Meena's classmate and enemy, Stickler has a crush on Meena and oftn disguises himself. He often challenges Cory, by humility, ways to win her heart, even though it's obvious that Meena has no feelings for him because he hasn't learned that he can't make her love him, it takes time for a friendshi to grow. And in the end, he was always bested by Cory. His feet sometimes have a bad odor (which explains why he never wears sandals). His father is a C.I.A. agent, that is why he has many gadgets that backfire on him. His father equips him with all the latest CIA technology. Jason often uses the CIA devices to his own benefit, although his plans usually go wrong. He is also sometimes seen with an 80-style haircut and is very proficient with the keybord. His father is 001. He is a fan of Sci-fi movies and films. And much like Sophie, he's sometimes the antagonist and sometimes Cory, Newt, and Meena's friend sice he and Cory had dinner together at the Purple Lobster after fighting over Meena on the bathroom ceilig and he helped Cory sneak the President (who was actually Burt Ponsky, the assistant manager of Cheese In A Cup) out of the mall and back into the White House and helped Newt on his date and he needed Cory and Newt to be his friends since his robot was broken and he has been mentioned going to the movies wtih Cory, Newt, and Meena.