Sophie Martinez
Sophie in her father's office

Full name

Sophia Grace Martinez


Sophie America's Angel




22 December 1999 (age: 8)


3rd grade student President's daughter Provoking Child

Resides in

Washington D.C.

Hair color


Eye color

light brown (hazel)

Portrayed by

Madison Pettis

Sophia Grace "Sophie" Martinez is the daughter of President Richard Martinez. Sophie is the best friend of Haley and Tanisha, who usually compete with her for random things such as class president. To all America, Sophie is known as "America's Angel", though not to Cory. She has various nicknames and her catchphrase is "That's what they call me!". 


Sophie has naturally brown curly hair and light brown eyes. She enjoys wearing very colorful colthing such as bright skirts, girly dresses and adorable hair bows.


She is known to be a super mischeveous 8-year-old. Sophie enjoys annoying people behind her parents back and likes to make people sad. When her parents are around she acts very sweet, but once they disappear, Sophie goes back to her dirty little ways.


  • She loves dolls
  • She once had a crush on Malik Welch (Guest Star)
  • She is a fan of Hannah Montana
  • She Has a Crush On Newt Livingston
  • Sophie is an avid user of /r/popheads and regularly posts stale comments such as "delete it fat" and "ginger satan", getting personally offended when the AutoModerator deletes her comments despite this ocurrence happening repeatedly.